Piper Cherokee 160
 Here's some photos of my 1962 Piper Cherokee. This is a factory 160, not the common 140 converted to a 160.

Cherokee N5255W

Since I've bought the airplane in June of 2014, here's a list of things I've had done to it:

-Prop stripped, repainted and rebalanced
-All fuel lines in the engine compartment replaced
-New battery installed
-All new spark plugs
-New oil lines
-Two new comm antennas installed
-New ELT Antenna
-Second VOR and ADF (both inop) removed
-Installed B.A.S. new front seat belts with shoulder harnesses
-Some serious elbow grease cleaning from top to bottom!
-Shampoo'd the carpets
-Aircraft re-weighed for new weight and balance sheet
-Nose gear scissors bead blasted and powder coated
-All new seals in the main landing gear




N5255W My dad and I flew N5255W to Oshkosh in 2014. We've been going to Oshkosh every year since 1996.


Cherokee N5255W Sharp lookin' airplane, right?
Looks great out in the sun.
Cherokee N5255W This picture was also taken the day I bought it. When I brought the plane home, I removed the carpets and cleaned them. They cleaned up really nice and all the stains you see here were removed.

I just installed brand new seat belts and shoulder harnesses from B.A.S. but I need to get some current pics. 

Piper Cherokee 160 illustration Of course I had to draw a caricature illustration of my new plane!

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